How to Apply
Check out some handy advice we put together
How to Apply
We're on a mission to find those bright minds who share the same vision and values. People at Digistore24 blossom in a start-up-spirited environment. They’re proactive, fast-paced and driven enough to make sure their work has a greater impact. They possess a high level of both responsibility and freedom and understand how these two go hand in hand. They achieve goals in life by immersing them in the professional life, not by taking 9-5 jobs. So if you’re a match, jump in the boat with us!
What you will need
  • Your resume in PDF format along with some proof of your talents. Include links to work samples such as software, designs, or writing you have created so we can see proof of your talents.
  • Your Video Cover Letter: Record yourself in a maximum 3 minute video and upload it to YouTube (not listed). Give us three reasons why you are "awesome" and another 3 on why you substantially add value to Digistore24.
If you are applying for the Technology team or as
Customer Happiness Specialist
You can skip the video cover letter and send us:
  • A written cover letter along with a resume in pdf format
  • If you are a Dev: Links to your software, mobile apps or coding samples
Your Application step by step
Step 1 Your Application
A specific role got your attention. Now what? Simply hit that ''Apply'' button - complete the form you're directed to and submit the required docs. Not sure which opening best suits your background? Don’t worry, we review all applicants in regards to all opportunities that strike us as a fit.
Step 2 Shortlisting
Once you submit your application, it goes through a pre-screening. If we find a match, then your profile is shortlisted and we will contact you to arrange the next step of the process (which could either be a practical test or your first phone interview, depending on what role you applied for).
Step 3 The Interview
If you have convinced us, we want to get to know you and learn more about your personality, strengths and goals. Therefore we will usually organize a Skype interview where you will speak to a member of our culture team, your future manager and a member of the executive team. The interviews are a great chance for you to discover more about our company and to convince us with your uniqueness. We're curious to learn about areas you would like to grow in, your goals in life, as well as the skills that qualify you for the role.
Step 4 Trial work
Depending on what position you apply for, the last step of your application will be a trial work in our office in Sofia (Bulgaria). We usually invite you for 1 - 3 days in order to create a first joint work result. If everything breaks right, we will extend you the offer to join us.
Step 5 The Offer
Congratulations, you are about to become an official member of the Digistore24 team!
After you’re hired
So you’ve had your Digistore24 interviews, passed the tests and received the offer. What happens next? We will invite you to our office in Sofia (Bulgaria) for a 2-week onboarding. Once you are here, you will not only get to know your new colleagues, but also learn about the product, our processes and our unique culture. We will also equip you with everything that is necessary for you to succeed in your new role and make sure that you'll be prepared once you hit the ground running. Afterwards you either return home or you are conviced that moving to Bulgaria will be the right thing to do. No matter what direction you take, our team will support you throughout the process.
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