Learn about our culture and what makes working with us truly rewarding
We put the spotlight on people who drive change
For us, work should give people the right environment to be challenged and unlock their potential. We don’t believe in 9 to 5 jobs, in just clearing a to-do list or in micromanagement. Work should be driven by a mission.
That is why we only work with people who are driven from within, wish to have an impact, and won't settle for anything less than outstanding results. They are given the freedom to exercise their decision making skills, to continuously grow and to become leaders in their own field. In doing so, we develop builders who want to shape our business, rather than administrators who only run it.
By "We", we mean not only the business and HR leaders, but every single member of our team. This is a key element of our culture and the very essence of a sustainably successful business.
But there is more to it. Read about the 7 components that form the backbone of our culture.
Working at Digistore24 - The Team
1. Clarify & verify
At its core, every company is a value chain, producing results for its customers. That is why businesses exist and why they thrive when they understand this and do it well. In order to for us to deliver outstanding value along the way, we use Clarify & Verify. It is a method we apply to everything we do and it consists of two components:
  1. Actively listen when you receive tasks or information and always clarify if
 you understood it correctly, before proceeding;
  2. The ability to deliver your work and verify for the next person in the chain,
 that they understand their part as well.
Applying clarify & verify ensures that we don't just look at ourselves. We look out for everyone involved and ensure that anyone who takes part in the process is clear on his part. Through this clear communication we achieve excellent collaboration.
2. We let our performance do the talk
It’s in our DNA to aim for our work to be awesome, not just good. But it is not only about the work result. It's about how we achieve it. We always seek to improve what we do and how we do it. All while leading by the power of personal example, where the results do the talking rather than the other way around. We skip the bureaucratic work, leaving more room and time for decision-making and creativity. Above all, we like to call ourselves wise risk-takers: we pragmatically analyze alternatives before embracing them just because they sound cool.
3. We face uncomfortable situations and don’t make friends with stagnation
Everyone in our team gets the opportunities and tools to transform their talent into skills. We seek those who long to become better and understand that real growth comes when you take control of your own development. For these people we are a supporting partner who helps them be their very best, whether with personal coaching, top trainings or industry leading events.
4. We take pride in being clear & effective communicators
We strongly believe communication should be clear, straightforward and always leaving people with a suggestion on what could be improved. At the same time, speaking up one’s mind, standing for well argumented ideas and freely expressing opinions are what constitutes our open culture. We stay away from associating people with issues by addressing the problem, not the person. This is what we believe is the backbone of a healthy team with great relationships and the true power to be more than the sum of it's parts.
5. Extreme Ownership
As a flat organization, we are not fans of constantly telling people what to do. This is why everyone at Digistore24 is a leader in their own field. It means, we have the freedom and the responsibility to set our goals, to prioritise our tasks and to the define the way we want to achieve them. In short: we take ownership, without excuses.
We achieve this because we are always aware of the mission, we make sure our team members understand the "Why" and that we are ultimately responsible for the outcome of our work. Taking ownership ist not about preventing mistakes, it's about testing, failing and growing while making sure the same mistake does not happen twice. Only those who fail fast and learn faster while bearing full responsibility of their actions will become true leaders to look up to.
Everyone at Digistore24 is a leader in their own field
6. Skill without EQ is just desensitized knowledge
Performance, courageous ideas and skills would be nothing if not accompanied by emotional intelligence. We pay attention to a happy work environment that consists of helpfulness, respect and candor. We’re a humane company where people are encouraged to have different passions outside of work, to openly express their feelings and frustrations. Before jumping to conclusions, we put ourselves in the other's perspective first. Empathy is the key!
7. Innovation does not happen in a vacuum,
but with the customer in mind
We work with modern methods and cutting-edge technologies. Not because they're cool, but out of the ambition to match our clients with the solutions that truly help them. More than any other tools, we make use of our minds. We are fearless in thinking big and in questioning the status quo, all while sparking creativity with mindful thinking time. Getting lost with big ideas is easy; we're down-to-earth enough to center our thought process around simple ideas, by cutting through complexities and sticking to those that really matter. Be it a software we're developing, online courses we produce or consulting our customers.
Software-Entwicklung bei Digistore24
If this is the culture you were looking for, but never had the context to live in, then go check our open roles & convince us you’re a perfect fit.